So if I have been homelss before, I don't remember it. But between closing on what I like to call the marriage house (but it used to be just "my house") and moving into what I call our house (that is where my son and I live), there was a 6 week period where we were homeless. Me, my son, and our dog. The other house was not closing because I was working with a mortgage company representative who seemed to be an absolute wizard at losing paperwork. In fact, the only thing she was better at was blaming other people from losing paperwork. That keep us in limbo. Luckily, our realtor had a condo she was referbushing and it was empty. She very kindly let us stay there and we did what we could to help. But... We couldn't leave the dog alone, because he's a needy little bitch and barked insessantly when he's alone. He's my dog. I love him. I care for him. But he's a needy little bitch. He's also transspecies, but that's a story for another time. …


I’ve been a little busy the past few years. You know, mid-life crisis, divorce, destroying a cherished family life… And then there’s what I have been doing. So the kid and I got a house. It’s different from the house we moved into after we left California. Smaller. Older. Not in good shape. Filthy. I mean I didn’t buy it because it was filthy. And I wouldn’t say it was a fringe benefit. But it does give me something to do and a new hobby. Cleaning. People don’t really look at it as a hobby. And they’re right. It’s a pain in the ass. But a bigger pain in the ass is living in a house with ¼ inch of grime on the windowsills. I know. Because I did it. So I bought a new house. I don’t know that it’s ever been cleaned. It’s Not Tundra: The Sequel.

A Comic Book I'm working on...


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Help your local producer

If you have Netflix, please put my new movie Gene-Fusion in your queue. Sure it'll be available 5.10.11 on iTunes, Time Warner on-demand, Playstation Network, XBox live, in stores, on Amazon, at Blockbuster and just about every other way, but just because of that, and because I produced Batman Beyond, Justice League and God Knows what else, and just because the director, Francois Brisson has done hundreds of episodes of international television hits and because it's been invited to a film festival -- Netflix...they want proof.

Been Away...

Trying to think about how to best continue this, since I'm pretty much out of moving stories. I put a bunch together in book form and was told by an agent that it seemed I was "trying to hard to be funny" which, after several successful night at a couple of large comedy clubs lead me to believe that this agent is "trying to hard to be smart".

So I guess for the next bit, I'll be indulging in a little stream of consciousness chafe trying to get to the wheat (is that trying too hard?)

Too many projects going on. The movie version of Cheapjack Shakespeare is limping to a start date, my new play "Internal Continuity" will be staged this fall. "Bullpen Comics" is getting some attention and may have a second life.

But there is a lot of waiting around.

Also, I think I have a sugar hangover from Easter. Too much candy. That's what agnostics do. That and wonder a lot. I mean, what if he was only NEARLY dead...?

Also, tired of "Zombie Jesus&q…